LCD Screen receiver...

I was wondering if anyone can help out…

I have a Kenwood receiver that has an LCD…kinda animated screen.

I dropped the face on my driveway from about 3.5 feet in the air.

The display no longer comes on, although it still plays cd’s…



Check if you still have warranty for it.

Happened to a friend of mine, he called Kenwood and his was still on warranty, they gave him shops that he can get it repaired at, and it was repairable.

Same problem as yours, screen didnt show up, but radio and cd’s still played, just the screen didnt display.

After the second time he dropped it, they were gonna charge him about 150-200. He just decided to get another one because for a little bit more he can upgrade his old radio.

So check if its still under warranty, if it is, find out if there are Authorized Kenwood repair shops in your area ( they are usually tv, radio repair shops).

Thanks !!