Left bumper turn signal.

So I noticed that my left blinker was blinking about twice as fast as my right hand blinker. The signal on the bumper wasn’t working at all, so I replaced it, and still no difference. I have checked all fuses, they seem fine… I tried doing a search but wasn’t able to find too much information, just information about fast blinker with the light working, in this case the light doesn’t work. Any help would be sweeet :slight_smile: thanks.

Did you check the other bulbs? i.e. the front corner and rear turn signals? They were all fine?

well it’s blinking twice as fast to let you know a bulb isnt working… i had this prob before with my bumper turn signal, i ended up pulling out the bulb, and kinda bending the contact inside to come up higher as i assumed it wasent making contact (because when i pushed the bulb harder it came on…) all seems to be working fine now

eh, thanks for the help… I got it working… the prongs that the bulb are connected to were all corroded so I just had to clean that off a little bit. Thanks for the help!