Loosing Coolant

Okay so a couple weeks ago i noticed my radiator was leaking around the end tanks. After awhile i began loosing a lot of coolant and could see smoke/steam at night. I changed the radiator with a cheap oem replacement and i still seem to be loosing coolant though i see no smoke/steam at night. Any ideas on how i can figure out how im loosing it? Is it bad to use that stopleak crap?

is it leaving any puddles?

did you replace the rad cap as well?

No i dont see puddles and no i didnt replace the caphb

The easiest way to track down a coolant leak is by using an ultrivilot dye and uv light. Pour the dye in the coolant, let it run a while to get circulated then use the light up close, you won’t miss the neon color. I got my kit at napa for around $25.

Good luck!

PS. There is NO such thing as a fix in a bottle, its like putting a band aid on a 3 inch deep stab wound. Sure it may work for a while but its no perminent solution.

before u do anything else…buy a new cap…u could just be losing pressure and boiling over in ur overflow tank

On some other web site, I forget - but it has a pic of a bad water pump.
I have 174 thousand miles on my teg, I think I just might have to change mime.
I replaced Cap, Therm, Bleed air out, and changed Coolant. I still hit 190-200 in temps, that’s to high for me.
Water pump is around $80 for a new one(OEM).:violin:

Well i think it might be puddling now. I know the timing belt was replaced not to long ago the water pump should have been change as well. I hope its not the pump but I dont know.

also try and get your hands on cooling system pump. its just a hand pump that you put in place of your cap. then you pressurize the system and you can visually inspect for any leaks.