lowering springs for stripped out RS


my 90 rs is completely gutted in the rear, no PS, AC, light weight wheels, etc.

in the past i had a pair of neuspeed race springs, but there was still about a 3 finger wheel gap. does the weight of my vehicle effect the drop?

i thought i would remedy the problem by getting a pair of cheap coilovers, and this worked for the drop, but it rode like complete ass, considering the shocks only had about an inch of travel. i have tokico illuminas.

what springs would work best for me? i’d like about a 1 finger gap drop all around. i’d rather just get springs because i have the illuminas and have 3 spare ones on hand.

any help would be appreciated

honestly your best bet would be a good quality brand coil over. the lowest i have found for just springs is 2.5 inches in the H&R and skunk2 springs. i had this problem with my last car that was on a 1.75 drop and once i gutted it it sat at original ride hieght. the springs are rated and measured for the oem wieght. so when you lessen that weight the springs dont squat as much

hey, thanks for the response.

the only thing i’m worried about with coilovers is that the illuminas have a hat that the coilovers sit in. they aren’t built like koni yellows where you can adjust the ring where the coilovers sit on. do they build ground controls that are built for illuminas?

i guess i could fork over the doh for full coilovers but i think the money can be better spent, especially when i have a full set of illuminas + 3 extras

i found out that ground control sells coilovers that are made for the illuminas. gonna try to grab those. thanks for your help.

You don’t need special coilovers for the Illuminas, just the standard GC’s or any other “sleeve over” coilover will work fine. I had skunkworks coilovers on my illuminas for about 5yrs, while probably not as good as being paired with Koni yellows it was a very good setup, the illuminas are great shocks, they just have some downsides that the yellows down, namely the warranty and the ability to have them rebuilt.