ls/vtec or b16/strokerkit

i’ve read a lot of things about doing the ls/vtec conversion. i know you have the torque of the ls motor with vtec but with some one like me who has a high mileage motor(well its really not that high;only 87 grand) a b16 swap sounds kind of appealing considering that you would have to use a lot of the parts any way. i know the b16 has no torque but wouldn’t a stroker kit help that. from the research i’ve done, to do the ls/vtec and rebuild the engine would cost more. just wanting to know everbodies opinion.

How much are you looking to stroke the B16? If you are looking for better torque numbers, I would resleeve and bore out the B16 rather than stroke the motor. Otherwise, LSVTEC is also another great option.

I am looking for better torque numbers but I thought that stroking the motor was the same thing. I mean that’s the whole problem with the B16 is it’s lack of torque compared to the LS motor; oh by the way the kit I was looking at was from Crower and I think it was from 1.6 to 2.0.