Ls Vtec question

ok my motor is amlost done i waz wondering if i was missing anything to make this motor reliable this is what i have so far. STAGE 1 PORT GSR HEAD, USDM TYPE R CAMS,TYPE R OIL PUMP, ARP HEAD BOLTS AND STUDS, DC HEADERS, P73A0 TYPE R PISTONS, B18A1 BLOCK TAPED FOR THE VTEC LINE,TODA TIMING BELT, J1 TRANNY, STAGE 2 CLUTCH WITH A STAGE 3 PRESSURE PLATE, PR3 CHIPPED ECU REV UP TO 10,000 RPMS. Is there anything else im missing pleaseee help me out, want to make it daily driver but not so much just everynow and then also for the street racing and for the track as well.

anyone pleaseeeeeeee

dont rev to 10k
some good rods

well yea i know not to go up to 10 maybe no more than 8 i heard its better to do 7500 but yea im sorry im using my ls rods and crank but what ya think of a type r oil cooler and vtec oil squirters and a vtec water pump are these any neccseary.

hellooooooooo lol

how about being a bit more patient? geez…hasn’t even been one full day and your already bumping your thread.

be a little more patient, and people will respond.

well geezzzzz the motor is already in my teggy and if its possible i can get answers quick if not ok i know what up but since this is my wast of time typing this to u lets get back to what i waz asking ok thanx ya any info will help about the ls vtec.


yea i know bug that waz a totaly diff thread now that i have itr cams well the usdm ones i finsihed that prob and a i have a skunk 2 manifold i just wanted to know if i waz missing anything else to make this ls vtec las long u know read my thread. help anyone pleaseeeeeee

get new rod bearings, there is not point to put all that together for one day (soon) to see it go all into pieces… u could probably drive it for awhile but its better to be safe than sorry…
just my 2 cent…

1990Teg ur right i just called my mechanic and he said he put in some new OEM Rod bearings so thats a good call thanx and a question to all…are vtec oil squirters intstalled in the type r oil pump?

so any other suggestion to make a ls vtec last long than normaly?

ohhh shoot wait ok my mechanic just called and he said one more thing that needs to be done on the ls vtec i need to get new main bearings is this necessary cuz of now im low on the funds he said it will run strong but you know its been like 14 yrs since the bearings been on so what do ya think?

WTF does that say/mean?
normally- as opposed to what? (what is considered a normal lasting LS/Vtec to you?)
longer- as opposed to what? (I don’t think your build will last much longer then anyone elses if u are trying to save money on something like replacing main bearings.)

There are tons of threads on here about this build and u always ask the same questions. Do some research, it is not hard to reallize that the main bearings should be replaced if u are wanting a reliable motor. Take the cheap route and don’t get them, but don’t say you want a reliable motor if you wanna save money on something like a bearing inside your block.

The “oil squiters” aren’t on the oil pump, they are inside the block under each cylinder and the squirt oil upwards towards the cylinder head. The oil pump is on the side of the engine (far from the tranny) if u are rebuilding an engine, you should read the manual on your car, please do not ask all these questions before trying a little bit to find the answer.


so what is a froum about then if ya asking me to do the research on my own, i mean ok ill do some but there is a time where ya can just ask here for a little help i mean aint this where ya come to ask questions. All im asking is ya’s opinnions and ya just come here and just gang up on a fool but anyways thats just kids plays and lets get back to the builders in these forums.

Ok check this out i turn the motor more like 5 times and then the crank started to get hot well not the crank it self but the bottom of the rods so wet took them apart and we see the the rod barings are all worn down. So we put in the a second set of main barings and did the same thing so we think that we have to recut the crank…what do ya think?

god damn it’s hard to understand what you’re typing. Slow down and use proper english and punctuation please.

I don’t like to flame on people but that is getting out of hand.


yeah dude learn to type, you cant expect people to help you when they cannot understand what you are typing. not to mention your entire posts are a huge ass run-on…