LS/VTEC Turbo???

I’m puttin a B16 VTEC Head on my 18A1 Block with a T3/T4 Turbo kit and Wiseco 8.5:1 Comp Pistons with new “H” rods and rings. I know this all depends on the tune but what kind of numbers should I be looking at with 10psi of boost. Thanks.

seems like a good setup and i think ud prolly see 275. like u said its all about tune. i know of some hitting 350 on this setup. but there are many other vatiances/ supporting mods/ tunes

well atleast it doesn’t seem like ur cutting corners. low comp so be ready for needing to boost more. i personally would not have gone that low. did u do any research before buying those pistons at that compression??? ls/vtec turbo run really good hp numbers. i’d say to be easliy starting ur tune with 300 no vtec. once u engage vtec in on ur tune be ready for a big increase. last dyno tune i did we hit 302hp on a similar set-up. once we engaged vtec we hit 391hp on 11psi. now we are running 18psi at the track. no dyno numbers yet for the new street tune.

I haven’t bought the pistons yet but that’s what I was looking at. I might go up to the 9:1 Comp Pistons but I’m not sure yet. How much of a hp difference does it make in between the two c/r’s?

again many variances. but u will definetly see a larger amount of hp per psi. the higher the compression the smaller the window for error. keeping that in mind. if u find a nice medium you will get a good number for hp per psi but will definetly wanna shell out alot more for a tune.

well i my friend just got done with his motor and he has a ls-vtec turbo
he has a dart block than has been sleved and bored to a 2.1 and 8.5 comp
with a b16 head port and polished with the head o-ringed. with a sc61 turbo and a chipped ecu and he is putting down 360 hp to the wheels and 277 tourque
at 16psi on 91 pump gas.
we are waiting to order new axles and going to set the boost at 32 psi and see what we get.

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