Lsvtec questions

hey guys i have a 90 integra ls first off im thinking about buying a b17 head for it for a good price and go the lsvtec route lol.well i was wondering if it would fit the b18a1 block?.would it work just plugging a b17 ecu in and wiring vtec or because its a 92-93 head do i have to convert something to obd1 or 0? thank you for any answers

It will work but there is alot more to it than just bolting it in,this link has alot of info

ok but do i need to convert to obd1 to run this head?
its tapped for vtec,gettin the conversion kit,§§§§§,intake manifold,throttle body,etc. with it just need to know if theres any other headaches lol

you can run obd0 or obd1, whatever your budget allows. It needs to be converted to OBD1 for the p61 to work.

cool thx so obd 0 would be what p28

o sorry i found for obd0 vtec ecu its pw0 or pr3 which are b16 ecus is these the ones i use for obd0

Yep, pw0 and pr3 are your options for obdo. I have a chipped pw0 with datalogging header installed for $125 + shipping if you decide to go that route. You won’t find another one that’s already chipped for that price.

ill definitly let you know thank you do you have a email

check your email.