MAP sensor

If I unplugg this and run the engine, could I damage anything? It seems to run better. It will idle right away but idle’s high. Is this safe untill I get a MAP sensor?

your map sensor is the load sensor for your car.

Load sensors are the basis for all fuel injection mapping in most if not all electronically controlled fuel injected vehicals.

It is the injector mapping that creates the proper ballence of air and fuel in the combustion chamber at point of ignition.
The proper ballence of air and fuel protects your catalytic converter from melting down, promotes high fuel economy, and most importantly MAKES THE HIGHEST HORSEPOWER your engine can produce!!

Running a veh without a load sensor, ie no map sensor in your case, is a quick path to convertor melt down and posibly worse.

While your ecu has been programed with a failsafe mode, to enable you to drive your veh to safty out of traffic and to the dealer or repair shop, it is not a safe practice to drive in failsafe mode.

well i dont drive it b/c no title and or registration. I’m just getting to know it. can you upgrade the sensor to produce more hp? either way does anyone recemend were to get one? thanx