master cylinder gone. how to guide?


so i just redid all my brakes. replaced a frozen front passenger caliper, all new rotors, all new pads, all new steel-braided brake lines…

today my master cyclinder went bye-bye. brake pedal smashes into the floor board when u give it pressure and ive stil got full brake fluid.

are there any good how-to guides, seeing as how i havent done a master cylinder on a honda/acura before.


its pretty straight forward if you just look at it. just make sure to use flare wrenches so not to strip the nuts and bench bleed the MC before you put it on otherwise you’ll be bleeding the brakes forever.

i need to do this too. how do you bench bleed the M/C? i can bleed the corners no prob.

PUT SOME HOESE IN THE BOTTOM holes, then take them and run em up into the resovour of the MC. Theres a prong sticking of the rear, fill your dewy with the recomended fluid (great time to put some high performance Dot-4 fluid in (will not boil if your life depends on it)) Pump the prong, then install your mc. Bleat the mc, then the lines. :slight_smile: all done. Monitor it closely for the next week or so.