Member renegadex96 Nonpayment

You need to provide it to Canada Post to deliver before they can do their job,
they don’t deliver what they don’t have.

So I’ll assume it hasn’t been received yet then. The post office advised me of a 4-5 business day shipping time, with it having been sent on Aug 25th. Pls advise when it arrives.

No payment has arrived, you need to send it first!
I am not waisting any more time with thives!
Done and finished!

this is still going on…? wow its been so long.

Since you stopped replying to emails (as i’ve kept in constant contact with you since I returned to town), I’ll ask you here.

Is this not the right address? This is what you provided to me in one of our original emails. And you won’t reply back to confirm if this is good or not (as emailed to you on Sunday the 6th). This is where I’ve sent both payments, both of which never seemed to get to you. One instance I can understand, but two?? Seems questionable to me. Have you given me the wrong address?Or you’re holding on to the “crisp $5 bills” I sent and just not saying anything.

290 - 6335 Thunderbird Crescent
Vancouver, BC
V6T 2G9

So is this accurate or not?

Mark, since you’ve stopped responding, or won’t confirm if that is the proper mailing address, I’ll assume that payment that was sent on Aug 25th has been received and the matter is closed.

Look, no payment was ever received. It is not worth my time to continue on with this, your demands for confirmation will no longer be answered.

The name is MARC, still can’t even get that straight, shit head!


MarC if you would kindly provide me with an ACCURATE address, I would be glad to RESEND payment, as I currently hold in my hands an enveloppe marked “RETURN TO SENDER”, which I’ll gladly forward to you again in the original enveloppe so that you can even see the original dates postmarked on the enveloppe. It’s hard to send a payment to someone when they don’t provide accurate information. That might explain why my 2 previous attempts never made it to you. It would seem my previous allegations of slander would hold true, since my reputation on this board is now ruined due to your clerical error. Thanks again big guy.

Infact, once I get home this evening, I’ll take a picture of the enveloppe highlighting the large yellow “RETURN TO SENDER” sticker now affixed to it, and the dates; and i’ll post it here so you can clearly see that I was in fact truthful with you in spite of all the harassment, name calling and slander I’ve had to put up with in dealing with you.


plain and simple.thats all you have to do…