Metal Shavings in oil pan

Anyone know how to fully remove metal shavings from an oil pan? It’s not from my car – this is a used oil pan I’m using to replace my warped one. I’d rather not introduce these metal shavings to my engine.

I’m gonna try hosing with a magnet in the pan.

Got some icky pix. The magnet caught the big filings but there are glittery-like stuff sticking to the bottom of the pan. :argh:



ahh, panning for gold.

I cleaned my pans in the past really well with Simple Green and lots of towels. I then used compressed air to blow out any remaining flakes. Not that tough to do.

I sucked up about 5 surfaces of the magnet full of filings. I’m soaking it in degreaser now.

i found castrol superclean to be the shit for degreasing and cleaning.

man someone’s engine took a puke didnt it.

Exactly what I’m thinking.

now you guys know why i’m not selling/keeping the crankshaft out of the 91 i’m parting out. :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry the pan was in such poopy condition neil…i wanted to get it to ya by the weekend, and didn’t have any brake cleaner. try some of that stuff. :wink:

just make sure it’s non-chlorinated.

holy shit man. you are some hard on the tegs. how many have is seen smashed up that were associated with you. lol

:shock: Damn Neil. That crazy. I would take it to the car was soak it with the degreaser there and then pressure wash it out. Worked for my valve cover.

Yup everything’s back installed. I got most of it out… nothing was sticking to the magnets anymore. I’m gonna get a magnetic drain bolt ASAP. At least now no oil will leak out.