missing cam caps

I just got my hands on a gsr head but it’s missing the cam caps, I already have another head for my ls/vtec build, but I was wondering what is the proper way to get new cam caps and make sure that they will mate to this head correctly. thanks

anyone? I’ve heard u can have problems switching cam caps between motors.

yup that is the reason why they dont sell them brand new, from the dealer anyways.

cam caps are machined specifically to each head.
if you do acquire a new set of cam caps then they must be line bored.
and then the cost might out weight buying another head.

buy a new head. sorry. if you line hone it you run the risk of it being too large to hold the cams. remember there are no bearings to close the clearances between teh caps and cams.

Well that sucks, I hope to figure something out here.

Yeah, Just bolting on recker cam caps won’t work.

Talk to your machine shop,… they should be able to line bore cast-in cam bearings with replacement caps if they’re any good.

what they do to avoid oversizing problems is shave the replacement cap ends (where it touches the head) slightly and torque them to the head… then they run the boring tool to restore the stock bearing diameter and mate the two halfs.

You’ll have your head off anyway, might as well ask them to check your valve guides, valve guide seals and surface your head well your at it.

I’ve had the cam line bored in the past… didn’t cost too much I remember, but I’m not sure what I spent on that. The other jobs are usually cheap…

that’s a good answer man. thanks I still have another head but I was wondering what the correct process was to fix this.

yea, it won’t be too big. as m0ebius said, the shop would shave the mating surfaces a bit before line honing so the diameter is correct.

i don’t remember it costing much either. I think I paid $35 for the line hone on mine. But that was done with a valve job, new guides/seals, etc so maybe it was discounted a bit. just call around!