more transmission noise

a few days ago i noticed that my transmission was making a strange scraping noise when i going 2-3 miles per hour coasting. I figured the transmission was making the noise because when the clutch pedal was pushed in the noise was there but when it was released the noise went away. The noise sounds like a two pieces of metal scraping each other. clutch has been replaced and everything replaced and regreased. i think this has somthing to do with my creaky clutch pedal. Anyone have any clues to whats causing the scraping noise?

theres a bearing in the front of the transmission… its known to make a noise like gravel… in a dryer (going at high speed) is this the type noise your hearing?

no, its making the noise at 2-5 miles per hour. its a scraping sound, kind of like the a thin aluminum scraping across the ground.

You said you replaced it, how long ago? Did you adjust it after the replacement?

what a bearing are you talking about? i replaced the throw out bearing and the pilot bearing. i was talking to my cousin and he said that it might be that the throw out bearing is not retracting all the way. he said it might be clutch fork (sorry i dont know what its called) i know it pushes the throw out bearing onto the pressure plate. Im sure i connected everything right.

i kind of want to take the transmission out again.

bearing is inside the transmission on the input shaft…

is it a cable tranny?

yeah its a cable tranny. its probably old age stuff, my car has 224k miles on it.