My Custom Turbo Set up

hey everyone, well its that time for me, im gonna boost my ls, now i have many complications here, i have a DC engine, i swaped my old one with a B18b1 long block, dunno if it makes a difference or not, but what parts do i buy, and 91 or a 95? anyways, heres the list i have so far

  1. Downpipe
  2. Turbo Manifold
  3. Turbo
  4. Silicone hoses/Clamps
  5. Intercooler
  6. Various Pipes
  7. Oil line for turbo and various fittings for check valves, oil return etc…
  8. Blow off valve
  9. Wastegate

i got these off a wbesite, and i had one question bout number 7. what are all the fittings, what are they talking bout, but anyways, so i just basically get what is listed above?and also, do i really need to remove the engine for this job, or can i remove the bumper and everything for more clearance.

Look at this site for some of your answers.