my first broken axle.............

i had my pass. side axle snap on me the other day while driving. shifted from 1st to 2nd and BANG that was it. i never want to hear that sound again. it was a whole bunch of clanking and banging. it snapped inside the cv boot. thank goodness it happened within 500 ft of my house. a nice gentleman had to tow strap me up my street and help push the teg in the garage. long story short…thanx to advance auto parts for their lifetime warranty on rebuilt axles. it didn’t cost me a cent to fix, just some time.

fyi…it’s not good when you can bend the axle 90deg. :smiley:
heres some pics:

Ouch, damn man thats some crazy shit right there. How hard to you normally drive? Or was this just a case of really bad luck? Anyways, cheers and good thing advance auto parts warranty is taking care of you. I assume its all done and taken care of right? Late.

haha oh been ther ebefore. slam 2nd at 1st gear redline and KABOOM! hahaha

hehe :werd: Mine happened in my first teg right in front of a high school that had let out… that was great.

my new teg’s cv is clicking :smiley:

thats the crazy thing, i wasn’t even beating on it. :angel: the car was still cold so i was taking it easy. at first i thought i lost my clutch, cause it’s really bad.

yes, it’s all fixed though. when i returned it, the guy said “do you need your receipt back?” i was like “yeah, i’m sure i’ll be back again”.

haha :rockon:

yeah, thats how i usually drive. :ohyeah:

mad torque y0

:lol: :werd:

this is my best break :rockon:

showed that sucker what 141lb-ft (to the wheels) is like :stuck_out_tongue:
I kept the end piece as a souvenir.

When I returned mine, a couple customers said “holy shit” as I walked to the back counter and the expression on the guys face was priceless…lol
he just told me to keep it

who uses mechanix gloves? it feels so much better when you raw dog it.

atleast until you see all the dirt between your nails when you’re done :slight_smile:

o i know, i’ve changed 4 axles since october on my car. NEVER BUY REMANUFACTURED AXLES FROM NAPA. anyway, if i were to use gloves i’d drop stuff a lot more…and probably wouldn’t have lost all feeling in my left hand for about 2 hours that one day…

people who have delicate hands! so what! :smiley:

I don’t love mechanic gloves. too much material between me and the metal for fine things… so i take a happy medium and use latex glvoes… yes that’s right. Latex. hahaha. man theya re cheap like 5-10 bucks for 100. Finisehd witha job or get too dirty. throw them out and throw on a new set. Granted your hands stink afterwards especially if you sweat but ya :smiley: