Mystery braided hose

Changed fuel filter today and noticed a braided red hose near it that was not connected at one end.

The connected end goes to a cylinder to the left (if you are looking into the engine bay from the front) and just below the fuel filter. There is a black rubber line that exits this cylinder literally on top of the braided one and it goes to a smaller cylinder mounted near the window wiper motor (kinda). There is also a red rubber hose that goes through the firewall.

What is this and what should I connect it to?

Oh ya, 92 GS-R w/ Type-R intake manifold, custom TB and AEM CAI (should be all the relevant mods).

that is you’re evap control canister. the red braided hose goes to the throttle body and the black rubber goes to the evap purge control diaphragm valve. it is used to control the amount of fuel vapor that is released into the atmosphere by storing it in the canister then purging it to the throttle body.

I know this is an old thread but when replacing the braided hose can I pick any regular vacuum hose or do I need a special type hose?