Need advice w/motor bulidup, quick!

I am rebuilding my B18b, i have had the head tricked out, shaved, 3 angle cut, and soon to be ported and polished. all this is on the stock parts, just new guides and worked seats( 3 angle cut) but seeing that my compreshision is going to be much higher than stock, guestimated at/or around 10.5-11.2:1 not for sure yet. i have replaced everything though water pump, all hoses, thermostat. new belts, head gaskets. and so on.
i was really thinking the other day, that i might as well rebuild the pistons, so im going to pull them out today (please keep in my mind my block is still in the car) but anyways with my compreshion so high, what kind of pistons rings should i use. aftermarket or stock, which will be better for me.
im also getting new rod bearings, but then again should i go with stock or aftermarket,
many tell me alot of aftermarket bearings wont match up with the color coating .
let me know what everyong else, uses or what you think i should do, this is important bc if i need to use, stock stuff im going to wait till next weekend to pull the pistons, when i get some more money.
thanks for your help