Need Alarm help

so my car has been in storage for the past 2 months with my battery connected and my alarm still on, then when i got hte car out of storage my battery was dead, so i replaced it…and heres where things are messed…

When my car is not running and my alarm in disarmed, my LED status light is constantly on like a door is open, and I check both of the door pins, and it stilll wont shut off.

Then when I turn my car on…the LED goes off…But when i turn my car off and go to arm the alarm it automatically either gives me the 4 warning chirps or it will just start going off…

What is causing it??

It sounds like your pins are malfunctioning. Perhaps the door pin has quit working (a common problem on the G2) or maybe where you spliced into the door pin wires your connection is bad. Re-check ALL wiring and pull your door pins out to make sure they’re not rusted/broken.

what kind of alarm is it ? A dei alarm (viper,rattler,etc) will be in “valet” mode when the led is constantly on.Check to see if is in valet mode if it is a dei product.

the 4 warning chirps is weird though :think:

Usually when your LED is always on it is because you are in valet mode. However that doesn’t explain the other problems you are having. But even still you might want to try and take it out of valet mode if you can.

The 4 warning chirps do sound like a bad switch somewhere, or your hood or rear hatch isn’t closing all the way.

What brand of alarm is it? Who did the installation?

Steven Kephart
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Beat me by a minute. :bow:

Steven Kephart
Adire Audio

Its an Astra alarm, installed by a guy i know at futureshop…but the only thing is i cant bring it back to him cuz i moved…but I didnt install the valet switch when we did it…so it can automatically go into valet mode???

I dont know im gonna take out my door pins, check my wiring and read the user manual tomorrow…hopefully i’ll figure it out…

thanks guys
appreciate the help

BTW when I sit in the car and push the door pin in myself, my interior light goes off…and when i let it out…it goes on…same for both doors…so I know that they are fine

try this, open either door, make sure the domelight comes on.Next, find your valet button,turn your ignition on then back off and press the valet button once.Hopefully, your led should turn off and your alarm shuold work fiine.This is how you can put dei alarms in and out of valet.Another way is to open a door and press lock/unlock/lock in that sequence. hope this helps. Oh!btw if your car isn’t in valet,and your alarm is going off ,disarm it, if it disarms look at the led, it will flash (maybe) in groups of 2 or 3 etc… that may tell you what is triggering your alarm to panic ie your shock sensor,hoodpin…

Barely Steven, the led being constantly lit is a dead give away on vipers and allthe newer alarms that dei has bought.(prestige,ungo,clifford)What brand of alarms do you work with?

Ahhh an Astra A-100 is it or the 777??? Well it could be a couple of things. One the hood is connected and the hood pin is faulty or it could be the trunk… Or it could simply be faulty since we have had many returned.

I’m assuming you guys did the hood pin and it may have been broken or it’s sitting properly.
My advice have a professional install alarms for you if you don’t know how they fully operate…especially when your buddy could have most likely swung a staff price deal for you.

My most experience is on Presige alarms. I have been most impressed with the quality of those alarms. I don’t think we ever ran into a bad brain, and we never had one come back. I have installed a couple DEI alarms. They are kind of wierd the way they do some things, but still seem to be a pretty good alarm. In my car I have always had a Clifford alarm for the extra security and features. Unfortunately I keep having problems with them. Are you familiar with Clifford alarms? Maybe you could help me with my problem (remote start intermitantly working). E-mail me at if you think you could help. That way we don’t hijack this guys thread.

Steven Kephart
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1st thing i’d check is the ground… those astra’s area be-otch if they don’t have a nice shiny ground (mumbles about 4 hours in a car). then with the door open, press 1,2,1 on the remote. should flip ya out of valet mode, same as viper/dei products.
failing that, lmk where in ont you are and i can see if anyone i know is near ya to take a look @ it. Used to work @ FS myself, but went to an indie so i could move to where i can afford to live, but still keep in contact with everyone.

What kind of problem are you having with your alarm?? What model of Clifford and in what kind of car??? Year/make/model??

I guess I will start another thread then. I should warn you though, this isn’t a simple problem to solve.

Like others have said, it sounds like you are in valet mode, it also sounds like the alarm brain is “latched up” try this…

1- install valet switch :hmm:
2- reboot brain, disconnect batt. neg. term. wait 30 sec. reconnect batt. neg. term., alarm may start “alarming”, disarm with remote or use manual override, [ probably need valet switch] good luck :think: 94

did you fix your alarm? if so what was the problem?

I’m almost 100% sure it’s the hood pin man… Check it and let us know.

But what’s with the led being on constantly?

OK, so today i didnt really have time to check much between school and work, but i tried to take it out of valet mode by pressin button 1 then button 2 then button one again with my car door open and…nothing happened.

Tomorrow at school I will check all the pins, if i can find them. Im also gonna install the valet switch and see if that works, if not i will disconnect battery and reconnect it and see what happens…

Does anyone know if my alarm has to be disarmed before I disconnect the battery, or does it really matter?
I’ll keep u posted with my findings…

BTW ITS AN ASTRA ALARM, not clifford…

It means that the door or hood, or trunk is open. Whatever it’s connected to… IT’s a feature of the Astra, Black Widows and I think older Ungos… They are all the same build.

The 1,2,1 valet mode WILL ONLY work with the DEI products… and in my opinions it’s absolutely stupid… Lot’s of customers come back with pretty well the same complaint… “My alarm doesn’t work anymore, it’s broken and the red light is on!”

SOOO_SLOW no you don’t have to disarm it first… doesn’t really matter. If you want better help take some pictures of the install and post them.