need help asap with 62403's!!!

ok, so here is the problem…i can’t get the damn valves to stop clacking, it is driving me nuts. I recently put the cams springs and retainers in and did the correct valve adjustment cold .006int and .008 exhaust. They taped but i thought it was break in, i adjusted them again and the same thing, then i had someone else do them and the same taping. so i called crower and they told me to tighten them up, so i did. i went .005 on int, and .007 exhaust and sure enough tap tap tap…I am afraid that if i go to tight i will wind up burning a valve…any advise would be great.

Check with crower to make sure about the temperature you should adjust the valves at…cuz im pretty sure with my 404’s that they should be adjust while the engine is cold.

They are supposed to be done when the motor is cold, and thats when i did it. I just don’t get it …anyone else??

have the same problems. i can’t get it to stay quiet. i just accepted the fact that they are a li’l bit noisy because of the cam profile. just follow the valve lash specs for the cams.

if anyone has a solution, speak up. thanks

i don’t know if this is why their clacking but your supposed to break in the cams by immediately running your car for 20 min. at 2000rpm’s .