Need help choosing parts for my rebuild.

Hey everyone. I have a 1991 integra GS and right now it has a b18a1 with 13:1 compression (no other new internals except new engine bearings), stage 2 exedy clutch, and a full exhaust system.

  • The plan - at the end of march to have the parts I chose at my house and do my rebuild within one week.

  • parts wanted = Turbo pistons & rods, cams with springs etc, and I’ve been thinking about going with an ls/vtec conversion.

  • where you guys come in = i need help finding the right parts for these 3, that aren’t too expensive.

-budget for rebuild = 1,100- max 1,300

-thanks guys

also here is the link to my cardomain so you can see the car that i’m going to rebuild… AGAIN…

well, good luck! Because pistons/rods will cost you about $800 or so. 2 cams will cost $500 or so…thats already $1300!

Pistons : JE, Wiseco, SRP, Arias…etc.
Rods: Eagle, Puter,…
Cams: Skunk2,…