Need Help plz!

Hey guys, new to the forum, anyways, i have a 91 teg with b16a swap (obd-0) anyways, my car will start to sputter and when i give it gas it will die. I then start it back up and then it does it for a second and then goes back to normal. also once when i was driving it wouldn’t go past 3k and then it died. also my car smells like oil when i get out of the car. is it the distributor? if so, what distributor should i by that will be better than the regular one and for what car? what would u suggest? thanks

Check the dizzy, Turn the shaft to see if it hard to turn or sticking. If so the dizzy is going bad and NEEDS to be replaced. When the bearing inside my dizzy went bad, it wont let me go pass 3.5k or so. Harsh idle too. Same problems :hmm:

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