Need help When i slow down the steering wheel shakes alot

Need help…Well the problem is when i slow down the steering wheel shakes really bad almost at any speed over 15mph… I changed both outer tie rods new a week ago and both axles are new…

Question my idiot friend installed a wheel bearing for me i think he installed it wrong cause ever since it was done the rotor rubs against the pads at 1 point in its rotation Could it be that cause i always have 2 grease the brake pads 1 a month for the noise…Any info will be great thanxs

check your axle nuts.

did you get the car aligned after the tie rod change??? if not your toe may be out which can wear your tires and cause shaking.

2 things come to mind:

did it shake before you had your bearing replaced? I’d check over your friend’s installation

axles. my car shakes when i’m braking if i have a worn CV joint.

Jack up the car and spin the tire, does the brake grab then release, grab then release? Might just need your rotor turned/replaced. And it is really easy to replace the rotor, 20 minutes, and about $20 at Azone/Discount.

And if the 2 little screws in the rotor don’t come out, use an impact screwdriver or drill them out and discard them. These two screws aren’t really necessary at all, they are more of a luxury, keeping your rotor firm against the hub while the wheel is off. The lug nuts hold your rotor firm against the hub anyway when the wheel is installed.

Oh, and on axles, the shaking is usually observed on acceleration, not braking due to the inner joint being sloppy–which is usually caused by poor engine torque mounts and/or suspension drops of more than 2 1/2 inches. I have received remanufactured axles from Autozone with bad inner joints straight out of the box, seems they are more concerned about the outer clicking joint when rebuilding them.