Need help with 91 Teg. EGR Hose and Other vacuum Hoses

Hey guys i have a 91 and i did a intake removal and cleaned that and my EGR out, both were clogged full of carbon. Anyway, im going to put my intake back on, and i have no clue where some ofd the hoses go. My EGR hose, a few coolant hoses on the intake in the back and so-fourth… If there is a diagram for any of this it would be awsome! My hood is not the original so i have no diagram and i cant see most of the pictures of posts that says there is diagrams… Please help!

thanks for everyone giving me thier input… its also a A/T so there are extra vacuum lines and whatnot, but thanks a million

Can somebody please tell me where the vacuum line going from the EGR goes to? I was pretty sure it goes to the air intake hose, but not too sure…

u dont’ have that vacuum line diagram on the underside of ur hood?

well here. this should help.

you probly havent gotten much help, cause all of this is a simple search away.

Vacuum Diagram

Yeah, that diagram is for M/T, i have an Automatic, Blah i have seen the M/T everywhere, no-one seems to have the auto…And no, the retard that had the car before me, f’ed everything up. Including, ripping the diagram off under the hood… Basically he did a lot of stuff to this car, gave it to me for free because it wasnt working, i replaced the Igniter Unit and the car seemed to work, well i got back in to change the coil pack, and misplaced my wire diagram for the igniter unit so i guessed on which wires from memory went were, well since then i have a jumpy idle, the tach goes haywire… i know when i searched here for the wire colors, everyone had different colors going to the igniter… i may need some input on that as well… Thanks for trying though, if someone could help me with the auto vacuum diagram it would be awsome, i have a black box coming out the back of the firewall with 2 lines, one is a 16 and another is 21, i know where the 21 goes to, not the 16

Well, i did a lot of researching today, i got all of my vacuum lines right and thanks to XDEep and his autozone online references, lol, they had automatic transmission diagrams for the vacuum hoses! The only thing i have now is 2 possible coolant lines that are unhooked… i had my car on and ran it, but nothing came out from the locations…one is behind the intake next to the coolant line and the other is right under the TB to the right hand side, i believe they are for vacuum but they take bigger hoses…i will take a picture of the one location and the other i will have to put an arrow or something, ill figure it out

this might help with you collant hoses. :slight_smile:

Omg, thank you sooooooo much! That did the trick, now i have all hoses connected! Car is up and running, i actully am able to spin some tires now i did everything i did! Next step is making it from auto to manual! and ITR engine with LSD Trans