need help with coilover

so heres the deal.
got some gc coilover from a civic eg and was told it will fit my da(i did research already)

the coil seems to sit so low that in order for it to settle down the car will be slamm but if it raised then the car will still be low so i hope all da fellow will chime in

will get pics tomorrow

are u trying to put eg ground control coilovers on da struts?

Is this for the front or rear? Lots have switched over to EG/DC suspension setups and found that the rear will sit low as a mofo and even with adjustable coilovers… the rear has to be raised to the highest point and still be a lil slammed.

let me know if you need some cheap coilovers and sleeves! i’ll sell them to you for 50! look at my for sale thread! you might be able to use the sleeves with the spring and be ok!

yes, eg gc on da struts. is that my mistake?
now im on my backi dont really car bout the back, i mostly cared bout the front plus after the install my oil pan have an inch ground clearance which is turn all the way down.

u really wanna keep it 1" from the ground all the way around for a DD?

I’m curious as well. So EG/DC coilovers will fit, but it will sit really low?

are you preloading?