Need Info Asap

Ok, my current B18A engine is being torn apart as we speak, so any info is greatly appreciated.
I was asked to provide a list of parts I wanted, so that it can be rebuilt. I have a couple of questions also.

These are the parts so far I have ordered:

  1. A Skunk2 Intake Manifold
  2. The Crower 403 Cams with the dual valve Springs & titan. retainers.

My question is if there is any need to upgrade the valves?? Stanless steel?? Any benefits? Or would the standard one’s be fine?

As for the block…
I was planning on having the rods shot peened, then using arp bolts, but since I was given a good deal on Eagle rods, I’m gonna get those (plus they already come with the ARP bolts)

For Pistons, I was gonna go with a JE/SRP piston. There are two. Both have a compression of 10.5:1 on a b18A/b18b, but the bore and grams are different.
#1 has a bore of 3.189, Grams 277
#2 has a bore of 3.209, Grams 284

Now, which would benefit me more?? any drawbacks between the two?? Any help will SURELY be appreciated.

Go to login to their forums under the “Performance” board and search on “Ti Retainers” by Mike_SarrGSR. You’ll find your answers about using Ti Retainers for street use there. While you’re at it, you can probably look up SS valves and are they worth it on the street. Just because something is lighter and exponentially more expensive doesn’t mean it’s better for your intended application.