need opinion on vtec

i had bought is 91 integra RS for about $800 smackaroos…the car was in okay shap…but the motor was in good condition, an old guy owned it.
any was is was going to put VTEC and was wounder is i should do the internals or will the motor hold up…hit me back on that

sorry cant spell…i need to know if i should get the internals done or will the motor hold up with vtec

That doesn’t make any sence :shrug: Please clarify in proper English

Edit: If you’re asking about building an LS/VTEC…then yes, build the bottom end if you want it to last.

im going to put a knew head on it but with vtec and was wondering if i should get the internals done on the motor or will it hold up…since its a stock b18

Just put a B16 in it. Sounds like you don’t want to build a LS/VTEC the RIGHT way. Try searching, the subject’s been beat to death here


Yea man, ls/vtec is not something you just put on and drive with…The internals definately need to be built up, or you are going to fuck up your motor. Like this guy said, search and you shall find…

I would help you find some threads but I have to get to work…Maybe later…