need some last minute advice (h&r w/ illuminas)

i’m done ordering my springs, 17s, khomos, and new strut mounts… so i have to do my shocks/struts now!

i’ve searched and not found a solid answer.

will tokico illuminas hold up and give a decent setup with h&r sports springs, i need some adjustability, and streetability is just as important as performance to me. i’ve heard mixed results, some saying they wont hold up, and that i need to upgrade to koni yellows, and others telling me they are a match made in heaven. somebody please give me advice. if anybody has h&r sport (or even race) with tokico illuinas, tell me how you like your setup please!

Go w/ the koni yellows. They’re pricey but you get what you pay for, right?? I’m running Neuspeed Race springs w/ Tokico blues right now and they’re nice. They ride real stiff, but give it time and they’ll blow out very soon. If the koni yellows are too expensive for you get KYB AGX’s. Thats my plan. Once my blues blow out i’ll invest in a set of AGX’s but if i have some extra cash laying around, i’ll definitely get the Koni yellows.