need some parts and info bout my new g2

i need a passenger headlight and corner light, i jus bought me a blue 1990 integra rs for hella cheap its hella nice but thers a dent on the rear quarter pannel that bugs me , it look like one that will come out but whats the best way of popping one out? i dont wana make other lil dents tryin to get this one out, and i got pix of my car.

but it looks way diferent already i took off the spoiler imediatly,put my 15inch konig reighns on it and im slammin it more in the back with the adjustables off my crx,

i got tockico shocks and lowering springs in the front and lowering springs in the back and stock struts for the back

it pulls hard, has 185k on it and what it says in the ad, oh yea i gotta momo steering wheel that looks hella nice

heres the pics and info on it :

Cant really see what dents you’re talking about, but to get a dent out.
Depending on the dent. Safest way is dry ice. Maybe a suckshin cup popper, or the old ways dent puller or rubber hammer.


still need a headlight?

what about dry ice how u do it and were u get it? thanks

why dont you jus byu some 1 pieces?

why dont you jus buy some 1 pieces?

Try asking the ice cream man to give you a chunk of dry ice?
And if it already has a pretty bad dent, you might as well get a dent puller and some Bondo.

alright cool il try that , were can i get some 1 pcs n how much they cost

the pic that shows the back view u can kinda see the dent on the right quarter pannel its on the crease u can see it past the spoiler

i jus took off the emblems and put new shocks and slammed it in the rear today im tryin to get pics

where is windsor? i live in sacramento, and have a pair of stock headlights wiht bulbs and harnesses

cool email me up @ its right next to santarosa how much u want and i dont need harness or bulbs and u got the corner lights with them?

you got mail

yea, ur the one who emaild sayin u need some wheels for a honda, cuz ill give u 4 rota wheels there oldschool but there better then steelies, one is flat so ill give u a crx si wheel with it if u can hook it up with the headlights n i got some other shit u might need from my integra parts car

i do not need any wheels, if your talking to me, but i do need a 90-91 bumper, hood and driver side finder, but if they arent white i don’t want them, if you got any of that stuff we cna make a deal, but is till ahve those headlights for you if you want them


i gota perfect bumper,hood ill give u for jus the divers corner light, the middle headlighte peice (big part) of the passenger headlight and corner light for passenger , but they r turqoise but paint that shit primer white and u wil have a good ass deal