Needing new distributor, suggestions please?

Hey anyone and everyone… Happy Day after Turkey Day!!

So, just recently had code 9 come on on the gs-R :gay: (which is number 1 piston cylinder sensor for those wondering)… I read a write up on here from BLACKAC (or something along those lines) which was an excellent one for your do it yourselfer :up: Altho im quite the do it yourselfer, and plan on installing this myself, I just want some recommendations on new OEM quality distributors rather then trying to source this sensor and do the swap… The one currently in the car is Honda OEM with only about 50k miles on if I remember correctly… But im having a hard time spending another $300 on this… Im confident if I did buy one from Honda, that it’ll last the years I’d like it to, but still, $300 is a lot of dough this time of year… I’ve always had an eye on Distributor King since he’s half the price for “OEM” quality or better… but it’s been a few years since I’ve heard really good things about that place…

So does anyone have any great experiences or opinions on where to buy? Im waiting for a friend to get back to me on where he bought his last one, but figured i’d get more opinions on this, and possibly help people in the future searching for one…



Do you have a Bap geon out there? Here they are 236$ out the door complete. No core needed as well.

i bought one from the distributor king. it even comes with a 1 year warranty.
and if you mention your a honda tech member he will your give you 10 or 20 bucks off. i think he gave me 10 bucks off.

No Bap Geon out in these parts… not a bad deal tho…

Spoon - From what I see on the site, he has a limited lifetime warranty? Cant really go wrong with that can u?? How long have you had yours by the way?

Thanks for the replies guys!


if you have a parts plus or big wheel down in oregon its about 180 for a complete distributor. i dont remember if they needed the core or not.

As much as I would of liked to replace my distributor with and OEM replacement, the cost was just out of my range at the time.

I will say. that Im a %100 satisfied with the products and service the distributor king offers. I would just check for loose wire clips and that there is a screw in the rotor.:slight_smile:

db1 power - none of those places around here… just autozone, schucks, napa and car quest… most of which i dont wanna buy this kinda part from… call me picky but ya… thanks tho!

blkack1 - ya its just insane they want $600 plus for a distributor housing, coil, ignitor, cap and rotor… and u cant even buy it complete… :wtf:

but thanks for your input on distributor king… i ordered one today as well as talked with the guy for a few about some of the issues people have run into about their parts… i will check for loose wires, but i can get around the rotor screw thing :tsk: he explained to me that there is some sort of patent issue as to where they cant have the screw in there?? coulda been b/s but oh well… ill just have to keep an eye on it… i had him throw in an extra cap and rotor just incase… and he said that the reason being you cant put an OEM cap and rotor on is b/c they are just a little bit different in size, like where the actual bolts are so maybe a little bit of modifying an OEM one will fix that… i dunno… we’ll see what happens i suppose!!

Thanks again guys and ill keep you all updated on the quality and that stuff…


i purchased an autozone one about 7 months ago. So far ive had a few small issues with it. But for the price and being a reman i cant bitch to much.