New audiovox Code-alarm

I just bought the Code-alarm CSI300. the code alarm is audiovox’s latest. The CSI models are advertised as “DO IT YOURSELF”. It comes with everything you need (electronically), lengthy text instructions, adn visual DVD instructions. I didn’t even need the DVD instructions cuz I thought the text was more than helpful. Once you buy it, the model gives you a website to go to and it will give you the exact locatoin and color of the wires you need for every type of install vehical specific. THis was the most helpful part.

I had to buy the standard wires, ties, screws, and tape/solder, but it was a breeze. I was always scared to death of alarms but this was so easy. it took me most of the day but thats cuz it was my first and I tried to make everything perfect. OUR CARS ARE EASY! everything is very accessible and easy to get to.

I reccommend these alarms/keyless entry/remote start systems to anyone who wants to save the $110 minimum on installation.

I will be adding door actuators next which should be easy again.