New axle cost?

A local shop is charging me $125 for my new driver side axle w/ one year warranty. Is this a decent price or should keep shopping around? TIA

You can check these prices online for yourself, but you can get a POS reman axle from Advance Auto with a lifetime warranty for ~$90.

Or you can pay ~$290 from an Acura distributor for an OEM quality part with a 3yr warranty.

I am just worrying about the install, is it easy?

Unless you have done it several times, I wouldn’t call it “easy”.

Generally they are a Royal PITA. If the $125 is installed, then that isn’t too bad. Just keep your receipt since A LOT of reman axles are just crap. They vibrate, or shake sometimes within days of installation. I would ask the shop if that 1yr warranty is a no hassle replacement and is the labor included too.

The price is $125 installed+tax, I am going to get it done, and then install my camber kit ASAP seeing as how every DA I own, the axle seems to go bad within a month after I lower it. I guess I will start calling some other places and compare prices. Thanks alot

$125 for a NEW axle installed?? i seriously doubt it, i bet its a “remanufactured” part which usually break within a month, especially if you’re car is lowered.

go to and get a axle from there. $129.95 IIRC. they actually use new joints in their axles when the rebuild. the auto store usually just replaces the boot lol. in all honesty, i’ve had 6 yes SIX sets, thats 12 axles from the shitty auto stores Advance auto Autozone and they all broke. half of them were bad before the install, because as soon as i’d get in the car and drive it, it would cause nasty vibration and click when turning.

the raxles axles i got is really one of the best things i’ve ever done to my car. its like apples and oranges trying to compare auto store vs raxles. :up: