New brake lines-brakes feel weird

I recently installed a set of four new Russell steel braided brake lines on my DA. After fixing minor leaks on the front two i took it out for a test drive and noticed that my brakes felt soopy; they didn’t start to stop the car until close to the end of pedal travel. I bled each brake after i intalled each brake line going from the furthest brake from the cylinder to the closest. Is there something i dont know about?

there is a sequence tw/c i believe doesnt depend distance from the cylinder…

i had the same thing start happening after i replaced my calipers.

have it narrowed down to a master cylinder leak. the seals get old and if you push too far when bleeding them it can finish them off.

but im happy to hear other opinions if there are any.

thats true.

the lines are brand new. the pedal will firm up once your break them in a little bit. The same thing happened to my friend with an accord.

thanks a lot, yea i dont have a master cylinder leak.