New Seats

Im buying a pair of Sparcos, and i dont know what to do about the belts…I have a 91 LS-S and im not sure what to do with the automatic belts. I think they are attatched to the seat so if i take them out wont my belt light come on? And also wont i need to find some other form of seat belt too?

Before everyone tells you to search, lol. Brackets for G2s come with a little bracket to attach the seatbelts. Do a search and you can find some pics of what they look like (Manual Seatbels racing seat - keywords). I also happen to be selling a set of weapon R brackets for the G2. My generic seats won’t take them. Let me know if you’re interested.

what if you dont wanna use the stock seat belts and wanna use a racing harnass. How do you get the beeping (from the seatbelt being disconected) to stop and do you have to simply deal with the seat belt llight?

my friend put manual g3 seatbelt in his g2. When he had it i knew nothign about cars so i didnt think to ask him. It is possible tho.

Remove the seatbelt motor control module. The warning beeper and light won’t work with it not in the car.

Yes. Or just disconnect it. I believe its a green connector. The control module is inside the passenger front kick panel. I got rid of everything except for what was in the seat. Took about 30lbs out of the car. I now use G-Force 6-point harnesses all the time for driver and passenger.

so if you unplug it the light will go out too? because the other day i was playin with it and I uplugged it for a few min(i dont have harnesses yet) and I though the light was still on. So i dunno if my car is different or if i was hallucintating…

You may also have to jump the drivers seat-belt buckle connector. My light went out as soon as I disconnected the module. I have a 1992 GS-R so it might be different.

how do you jump the wires. Which ones do you connect together?

If you don’t want to remove the whole auto-seatbelt assembly but want to stop the beeping:

There is a black plug with a few wires on it that will be under your seat that is for the auto-seatbelt. You gave to keep the harness intact, but locate the wire in the plug that is the ground (don’t know the color off the top of my head). You can use a paperclip to de-pin that wire from the plug and ground it. That will make the beeping stop.

so you are saying that all I have to do is find out which wire is the ground and ground it? I can ground to the car frame right? thanx

I just grounded the wire to my seat bracket. No point in going through the trouble to ground it to the chassis.

thanx alot.

Or you could just make things easy for yourself and go to a wrecking yard and cut the metal seatbelt insert off of a DA seatbelt and just plug it into the plugin. Therefore, the seatbelt is plugged in, but without a strap.

kgjeremytw, in your second post you made it sound like you can use racing seats and the original seatbelts(automatic ones). did i hear you right? if so what brackets can mount up to them without modification? does it just depend on the seats? sorry i just dont know allot about the seats. i only ask cause i want to do something instead of just leather on the inside.