Nippondenso or Toyo Radiator?

Nippondenso or Toyo? I have a 1990 4-door, manual 5speed and i need a new radiator, i was wondering if anyone has had either or maybe even both radiators, and that could tell me their opinions and exparience with them. thanks any feedback is appreciated(i think i spelled that wrong)…whatever

I haven’t heard of Toyo radiators but i’ve installed a Koyo brand in my friend’s altima. It’s from We had no problems with it until the car was totalled.

i just had to replace my radiator!..if i were u, i would upgrade NOW, to the Fluidyne radiator…
u will end up spending around $500 in the end…but will pay off later
if i would have had the extra $200 i would have done this, so if u can afford i would recommend upgrading now!!!..IMO
(i had to stick with the Denso)

later :smiley:

how much better is the fluidyne? and how much will it do for the car’s performance? to my knowledge, that radiator is almost $400+ for our cars

Check this link: $299 + shipping.

Actually, the only radiator thats $299 is the Civic radiator. I guess thats cause its half the size of any rad Ive ever seen, hehe. The one for our cars is $329 + shipping.

-Jon B


Look closer. Scroll down. $329 includes shipping. It’s $299 before shipping. Just ordered mine yesterday!
To be honest, I ordered it from They price match everything, and they had more competent sounding sales people. Just tell them you found it for $299 and they’ll match it. It ended up being $407 for the radiator, the a/c fan AND shipping.