NO SPARK after compression test

ok, today i decided to test my compression in my b18a (93ls). on cylinders 1 and 2 i screwed the thing on a tad tight and it pinged the piston but 3 and 4 were easy. after i put everything back together i wasn’t getting spark, then i heard a ping again once, and now it only cranks and doesn’t turn over, still no spark in any of the wires

did u disable the ignition? u could of fried something. ignitor/coil. try checking those out.

mighta killed the ecu

i didn’t choose to disable the ignition if it is disabled. I am testing the coil, and ignition module and replacing the cap and rotor after work.
How would i have fried my ecu???
Yes, i believe its possible that its bad, but why out of nowhere would it go bad???