Non-vtec and vtec header

what is the difference between the 2??? they look exactly the same. I guess just wondering if there is difference between the 2 or some companies using that to mark up or lower prices??




See my post below.

I think most are the same. Right now i have a stock LS motor with a Headman header for my B18A1.

I have a B16A VTEC head im putting in for my LS/VTEC and i test fitted the header and it will work…so what i gather from that is a B18A header is the same as a B16A, at least a Headman after market one is. :shrug:

Hope that helps.

The designs are pretty much the same since the firing order doesn’t change. The primary tube length, diameter, collector positioning and collector type might be optimized for a particular RPM range and engine displacement but most of the “Off the shelf” units work for VTEC and non.

i mean that’s what i thought duy, but it’s still advertised and let’s say a “dc 4-2-1 header” for Non-vtec engines.

all of b-series parts will fit on any b-series motors.even b20’s :slight_smile:

yeah i know that, but i’m still wondering why copmanies, like comptech and DC say that they have a non-vtec and a vtec header.

probably to make it easier and less confusing to consumers. so consumers can go and purchase a header marked for an ls instead of questioning why there is one header for a ls and gs-r when they have two different engines. and then end up not making the purchase because they aren’t sure if it will fit or not.

its just easier marketing for consumers who don’t have that high level of knowledge when it comes to aftermarket parts.

mo money,mo money,mo money.i own a performance store,and i find that only the gsr needs 2 o2 sensors.thats it :clap:

yeah but then when it comes to those who do know about headers and engines it’s kind of confusing to. because when you have a company like comptech saying we have a non-vtec race header, but yet it will still for for a vtec car…it’s just weird.

my gs-r only needs one.

yeah where did that come from lol, talking about headers then all of the sudden o2’s come up weird,

what year gsr

he has a 92, i would also like to know where this 2nd one is lol, OBD2’s would have a 2nd one after the cat i think but am not 100% positive

i know that newer gsr’s need 2 o2 sensors.but g2 gsr’s has one

yeah the newer ones have OBD2, like 95 up or something like that is when all the car manufacturer’s had to switch to the same OBD platform

o2’s are part of the header.

ummm ok, but no one was asking about o2 sensors, they were asking about why some header manufacturers make vtec and nonvtec headers and if they fit our cars

i have a customer that did a newer gsr swap on a g2 and i found that u cant use g2 headers on g3 gsr’s.That’s All