oil leak - bad help plz

Ok, so I have had a long and shitty project of putting this engine I bought in my car that has 55k on it… yea right…

so I finally get everything ready, take it for a drive down the road, seems ok, get back… stop and instant puddle of oil under the car.

its coming from like an inch below the valve cover, on the cam side, where the engine [ | ] like that line would be the location… haha bad pic!.. but looks near the cams kind of. in that indent of the engine.

I think maybe a cam seal, but im not sure… anyone know? ill get pics asap

my guess would be 90% chance its the cam seals… of corse after looking at the o-ring that was behind our oilpump… it could very well be the start of a trend… that oring wasnt anywhere near round anymore… and was hard like plastic and brittle like paint on something flexable