Oil leak

ok ive got an oil leak on my DA. i first noticed it when i went to change my oil and that day my oil was leaking, i tightened the oil drain plug a lil bit (not too tight though) but it still continued to leak so i did another oil change an the plastic seal on the oil drain plug was cracked so i replaced that, now even after replacing the plug its still leaking its not coming from the head nor the top of the oil pan, looks like its coming from where the oil drain plug goes. so im wondering if it sounds to yall if its just that the threads on the oil pan are stripped an i should just replace the oil pan an oil pan gasket or what??? Please help me out this car is my baby and my only transportation and i LOVE this car more than anything, so please help me out an tell me what you think

i<3 MY DA9 :manual:

How about you lay off the CAPS LOCK if you want some help. :sipread:

there is no big deal,

1 you could rethread the old hole the pan and get the correct plug

2 weld the old hole , drill a new hole used the newly replaced plug

3 get a new plug that has a big rubber seal like mine, its out there you gotta look for it, i got the car with messed up oil pan shred, last owner put one of those seal plug, now it doesnt leak a drop

sorry about the caps lock wasnt paying attention when i typed it up

Coke is reffering to a “pan-saver” plug.