oil light with a twist!

ok…so when i bought the car the oil lights was blinking. so i changed out the sensor and still kept blinking, so i figured oil pump is going bad. well i just bought a rebuilt b16 and swap the motor…AND it’s still coming on! why!also i can easliy pull that plug on and off with ease. could it be that i need to tighten it and get it to snug better?

Sounds like your ICU is bad, it’s a cigarette pack sized box plugged into the back of the inside fusebox

what does that control? and why would you think that?

The oil light is controlled in part by the ICU. When it gets a signal of temporary oil pressure loss (like if you take a sharp turn when you are low on oil) the light will begin blinking until the car is stopped and restarted. The ICU controls the blinking function. It does a bunch of other unrelated stuff too, rear defroster, intermittent wipers, etcetc


I’ve had problems with my intermittent wipers but my rear defroster and everything else controlled by it works fine, what’s your point? If you doubt me go look it up in the helms. And yeah they tend to be pretty unreliable used. I’ve picked up at least five of them from junkyards now, all of them had one problem or another except for the one i’m running now. It’s supposed to be behind the fusebox on all 90-93 models, the passenger side kickpanel has the seatbelt controller I believe. Take a picture of it if you can i’m curious…

he was talking about ICU not ECU!!!