OIL out of my exhaust

wholy crap.

so im detailing the inside of my car, then i make it to the outside of the car.

as im polishing the exhaust tip i see a LARGE spatter of OIL directly in-line with the exhaust tip. so i was confused.

i grabbed my alarm/remote, made sure it was in neutral and that the e-brake was on and i start the car up while sitting back at the exhaust.

and, oil. not spewing or anything. but everytime the car would backfire more oil would squirt out. like… ‘idle…idle…idle…POP OIL…idle…idle POP OIL

thats the best i can describe it.

i haven’t done any mods recently, or changed anything.

o, also the car idles at around 2300-3000. it doesn’t Surge. sometimes it will idle right at 2300 and sometimes at 3000 and sometimes right inbetween there.

could this be my headgasket? i checked all the vacuum lines around my IM (fobecause of the high idle) and they were all connected and they are all less than 1 year old.

i really want to get my car running properly so i can get it tuned. it looks like i may have a long was to go though.

any and all help i would appreciate.

thanks everyone


thats not oil, you’d have a serious smoke prob if oil was making it allthe way out ur tailpipe…
that is carbon, and a byproduct of the catalyst working inside of the catalytic convertor it is going to produce h2o and it if the reason exhaust systems rot out sooo commonly :frowning:

well, i dont understand. i just seafoamed my engine and got a little bit of smoke. not much really.

so how do i fix it? my comp test was pretty good with about 235 psi all the way across.

the engine only has about 30K +/- mile on it?

im thinkin may be i should replace my head gasket? or all my gaskets for that matter?

i definetly do not want my RS*R exhaust to corrode.

all the help would be great. thanks


its normal. do not worry about it. read what R6 said… its acutally a good thing really. u know ur cat is functioning like its soposed to… ever wake up in the morning and turn ur car on and the come back after its warmed u will see the exact same thing…

My hunch is what you see as “oil” is actually moisture caused by cold air in the exhaust pipe meeting the warming up exhaust pipe and mixing with dry soot to form this black sludge-like substance. This (moisture) is similar to condensate forming on the outside of a glass filled with cold pop left to stand at room temperature. Try driving around for an hour or so and let your exhuast dry out the moisture and you’ll just see dry black soot in the pipe. If you only do short trips, the exhaust will not have enough time to evaporate the moisture and thus cause the exhaust system to rust. That’s why exhaust shops are making a killing on the east coast since exhaust systems have a short life span due to the rust.