OMG not another LS/Vtec Question ;)

K after looking at a few pics of peeps in here getting this done.

I hear that you need to tap a new oil line some where now where do we tap this oil line in the block or in the head. this is if i am doing the b18c1 head and the b18a block.

any takers?

people i know usually tap the back of the VTEC head

Did you look at the Teg Tips about the LS/VTEC conversion? It explained there where to tap the oil lines, but I believe he was using a B16 head.



From what i hear… The b16a head is better than the b18c1 because it provides higher compresion and higher flow than the b18c1.

Is this true?

B18C1—>higher compression
B16A----->better flow(and did I mention cheaper??)