Omni Power or Ground Control + Koni's?

I want to lower my car and I’m stuck between a few choices. Originally I was going to get Koni Yellows along with Ground Control coilovers but then I stumbled upon the Omni Power full coilovers. Now I’m not sure if I should stick to my original plan or go with the Omni Power set. I’ve read that the Omni Power struts aren’t the greatest and I know that Koni makes a good product.

There’s also Omni Power slip over coilovers, but I’m not sure that they’ll work with Koni Yellows. Any suggestions to help make this decision easier? I want to stay in the price range of under $1000 up to $1200 possibly, I know that’s not alot if you’re a suspension guru but I just want something that handles well for a reasonable price.

What kind of application are you going for? If you’re looking for sporty suspension for street use, I don’t see why you’d stray from the Omnipowers. $650 for a full kit? That’s a bargain!
So far I haven’t heard many reviews from autocrossers or road racers, so for that reason, I chose to go with Konis recently because I will be autocrossing a lot and I want a bullet-proof product with adjustability.


Yeah, sporty suspension for street use sounds about right. Forgot to mention that. I just want something that’s going to last long if I’m going to be spending a nice chunk of change on it.

Yeah as of right now, I have the Skunk2 Coilover and Tokico Blue setup. Not bad for daily driving, but i have been in a dilemma on weather to get omni power full coilovers or just upgrade to the Konis. It has been a hell of a choice to make because i have heard nothing but good reviews on both products. but im leaning more on the omni power setup because of the price, plus it comes with aluminum upper pillow mounts and the shock is fatter. which makes a difference. either way, ill keep you up to date with anything you need help with. I have been doing reasearch on what suspension setup to get. As of now, my setup feels great for daily driving, its dumped about 1 finger gap all the way around. If you are interested, i might be selling my setup soon. 4 Skunk2 coilovers and 4 tokico blues for about 500 for everything. anyways, HTH

if you’re stuck for cash and you’re not going to run your car hard, then i would go with the spring shock combo. you can get a set of s-techs for $145 and then you have $865 that opened up for quality shocks of your choice. if you are going to run hard and you have that cushy $1200 option, then go all the way with the ss’s and a good camber kit.

The Koni Yellow + Ground Control coilover setup is going to run about $840 (without shipping). That’s only a $190 difference from the Omni Power full coilovers. A difference I’m willing to pay if there’s a noticable change in ride comfort and control compared to the Omni’s.

Anybody out there running either setup that can give me their opinion?