on very cold days car has problems shifting into park

hey, i searched the threads and i couldnt find an answer to this…

on cold days, mostly below freezing…my car has difficulites going into different gears…its an automatic, and when u put it into drive or S3 it goes in fine, however when u want to go to reverse theres a slight delay…and when u wanna go to park…it goes into some sort of middle gear lol…its locked like it should in park(meaning the car dont roll)…but the “P” light on the dash doesnt light…and u cannot shift into drive or even pull the key out of the ignition until the car decideds to go into park…when the car warms up after driving for a good 1/2 hr its fine…
might i add it was doing this b4 i blew my old tranny, now i got a brand new tranny and its still doing it…so its not the tranny…thanks

same with me, which means i cannot get the keys out, so i have to leave the keys in sometimes.

Try to rev the car a little bit, and the P light will come on.

I think its the transmission cable.

Take a look at the shift position switch located to the right of the shift lever - must remove shift indicator panel to access.

In my '90 Integra the contact in this switch is a spring loaded ball in a sleeve. This ball rides across the contact board in the switch as the shift lever is moved from one position to another. In my case, after ten years, a small amount of grease in the switch worked its way into the sleeve causing the ball to stick on cold days. This prevented proper contact when the shift lever was placed into Park; thus no Park light on the dash and the interlock system would not allow removal of the key. Once the interior of the car warmed up, the grease softened and the ball was able to make proper contact so everything worked fine.

I removed the switch and cleaned out the sleeve to make sure the ball moved freely. No problems after that. Make sure you align the switch and shift lever properly when reinstalling. Hope this helps.

so all i have to do is take off the console and look under there? or is there more removing of parts?

You have to take off the two panels under the dash on the driver and pass. sides then the center one surrounding the shifter and stereo.Then to the right of the shifter (pass. side) you will see some rectangle electronic peice about 6" by 2" with some wires the switch comes out by taking the two bolts off and disconnecting the wires (the wires disconnect, no wire cutting at all). Also the s3/s4 wire is zip tied with the other wires just cut the zip tie and that would be all the cutting you would have to do. It really is very easy, and the panels that you have to take off from under the dash of the driver and pass., the driver one has three screws two you can see but there is one where the change holder is, you have to take that change holder out to get to the screw. then when you have all the screws out just pull the panels towards you in the position that it’s in ( it has to pop off) don’t pull it down to the floor it should come off easy. Hope that helps.

It’s -4 right now and -23 wind chill. I can barely ge mine into forst gear untill she’s warm, lol!

Its the gear position sensor, common problem on autos when it is cold



ok well its starting again and its only 29 out so i am going to figure this out tomorrow and let u guys know