Over heating

So i swapped out my old radiator for a new one yesterday. and as i am driving now, it seems ok, but when i am at a light the temp gauge goes up fast. My fan does not kick on at all, but temp gauge is very high. This is not my first radiator change either, i have gone through everything i can think off, it jsut keeps showing its getting really hot.

This is a fully stock car with a new radiator. Changed it because my old one had a bunch of rusted/missing fins. This car has never over heated before, but i wanted to change before summer.

If anyone has any suggestions, i would love it. I am at a friends house sitting here wait for it to cool down so i can, maybe, fix it and drive home.

I did the following when i changed it.

  • Bled the bubbles out
  • Got new clamps for the hoses that connect to the radiator
  • used a 50/50 mix of water and coolant
  • connected my fan

Here is a crappy phone pic while im driving

And here is one while i am stopped at a light.

When you are stopped at a light and it is overheating, try increasing the engine speed to see if temp goes down. If it does, then you may still have air in your system.

lol @ pictures of your temp. gauge. if your fan isnt kicking on at all id look into that.

do you have to add water everytime it overheats?

ill try bleeding it again and see. And the temp rising so fast makes me think it just cant be the fan, like as soon as i let off the gas it starts going up immediately. im gonna go bleed it again and roll the block.

Of all thing you replace radiator. What about rad cap and termostat?

HOw many mileage is on car now? I doubt it been a HG problem, but anyway
try turning on your heater to max when it does shoot up high. U want to try to keep it low til u make it home. That should help lower the temp when u are at idle, but not too long either.

Funny thing is that when u are moving there is flow of air on the rad at least some, but what about the termostat side to the head/block is it stuck closed?

Drive without a termostat and see if that fix then u know what is to fix, if that doesnt fix it, it is going to be something internal. Air bubble isnt likely.

I dont understand why everyone always have this air bubble problem? I never have such thing as i normal fill it up cap it drive around then come back it goes down a bit as that was what it should do to fill into engine then i pour some more water til it fill then cap off thats it.

Well, as bad as it seems, it was an air bubble. i bled it from the bleeder. filled it back up, then turned my car on with the cap off and let it warm up, it sucked some in, i refilled it. Put the cap on and put my fan on a manual switch.

I just drove like 100 miles and it didnt even go past half. so everything points to it was an air pocket somewhere.

I have a new cap and thermostat too.

Thanks again guys, always helpful :slight_smile:

so you’re bleeding it while its idling with the rad cap off?

Yes and you should also have the heat in the car on full hot and the air setting should be on recirculate.

I like to lift the front of the car up as well to make the radiator car the hight point in the system, but thats not neccisary.

OP it good to hear you fixed your problem.