Panel between lights?

Does anybody know how to take off the metal panel between the bumper and trunk becuase it rattles and I want to do something about it. I did a search but I don’t real name of that piece. I search helms, rattle exterior, rattle interior, metal panel outside, stop rattling, removel metal panel rear, sub rattle, metal rattling noises and still came up empty. So can anybody post one of the helms looking thingys for me.

thanks G2IC

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someone else asked the same thing …got and check there thread …

first off that metal panel SHOULD not be rattling theres NOTHIGN in there i know cause i JUST removed and replaced mine . The only thing in there is teh lock and thats attached to the subframe. In order to remove it take out your trunk lining by your tail lights are red screws sticking through with bolts. Unbolt them the panel should pull right off. Now its not only gonna look wierd your gonna have to remove your tails to get it off without bending it or misshaping it i’d recomend doing work on them while its off. Try just tightening those down or checking for parts that might have fallen it but that as a rattle doesn’t make sense. If your frame is mishapen and THATS how its ratteling then shim it with some rubber washers or even some metal ones. Thats the fastest way to resolve body depressions without professional reshaping of subframes and such. BTW there are screws all throughout your trunk interior. You need to remove these otherwise you’ll rip everything to shreds. ALSO be SURE TO BE NICE TO THAT WEATHERSTRIPPING !!! you dont want it to leak. I hope that helps.

Oh i see I’ll check all the screws and ect. in truck before I do that.

Thanx guys/girls