password:jdm cf intake with neuspeed strutbar?

im wondering if any of you have the password:jdm powerchamber carbon fiber intake with a neuspeed strut bar because it looks like the intake is to big to fit in there… what do you think

if your talkin about the whalepenis, then it won’t fit, you’ll have to relocated your battery… and about the strut probelm i don’t know…

im getting the password:jdm carbon fiber battery relocator kit with the odyssey battery but im not sure if the whalepenis will hit the strut bar

the password battery setup relocates the battery on the framerail similar to what i have done to my car. i have some old pics i can post when i get back to my computer. i want to know if the intake will fit too. i have been told by memoryfab that their intake fits a nonabs car with relocated battery. i sent them pics of my setup and they said it would clear the battery. i however have my coil bracket mounted on top of the sheetmetal in front of the motor mount so im not sure if it will clear there. does anyone on g2ic have one of these installed? can you please post a pic or link us to a pic of this if you know where to find it. i also have a neuspeed strut bar and am eager to know…

where can i get the CF whalepenis intake from ? i mean which one will fit for our cars ? im going to put in a jdm b16 in a few months and dont want it to be a waste.

there are several vendors on honda tech selling them. memoryfab is one of them. passwordjdm also has them. both good companies to deal with in my past experience.

what model do i buy it for ?


they make two versions… one that fits gsr’s and one that fits b16 and itr intakes… get that one. then take really good pics from directly on top of it looking down so i can see if it will clear my coil bracket! if u do that u’d be the man.

ughhh they dont have it for our year. so then … ? you didnt really tell me which one to get.

they only make two versions of the intake period, regardless of what car you have. let me clarify though. get the 94+ teg intake for the itr/ls/b16 intake, if you have a nonvtec motor or a vtec motor with a b16/itr (non-gsr) intake. however, if you have a gsr swap and are using the gsr manifold, then get that one. they say intakes will fit other applications if the battery is relocated. the da integra is one of those listed.

alright. thanks.

are you going to get it? u going cf or ck? dude seriously post some pics of it!

ugh im going to just keep it stock. haha

boooO! mod your shit bro. you had two kickass mods planned. i can take some pics for you but i think the whalepenis intake will work with the neuspeed bar, its tall on that side. it cleared my intake fine, along with my single nozzle first stage of the kit, which i was very happy about. what a kickass bar. nothing else is even worth buying compared to that. reconsider dood!

got it on my 93 db but my strut bar dont fit anymore due to the intake being to fat at the tb. Got mine off craigslist but had smushed filter so only 100 bucks :up:

I was just reading some post on H-T on the whale penis vs aem 3" cai & the aem did at more hp on a dyno on at least different cars.

are you talking about the v2? did the aem beat it in the midrange or is that a difference in peak numbers or what? let me know as ive been considering an intake like the cf one pictured here as well as the v2.

I tried finding the thread but I have a fever & couldn’t remember how I came across that post. I “think” it was midrange up that the 3" cai was better :uhoh:

yah i would agree that the cai makes more power in the mid because of the fact thats it cold air alone helps. So yah if your buying new i would go aem cai but hey if you find a deal like i did and worry about rain alot get the cf one. Fitment isnt perfect so its more of a choice the aem ram air is also a good choice for a rainy city. But no other intakes make the noises this huge pwjdm cf intake makes :rockon: