I went to the local shop and got convinced to get the PIAA’s over the cheaper H3’s since I have already had them blow before so I got the clear white ones…and DANG!! those things are so bright. I think my fogs maybe aimed a lil high but I was impressed in how good these are and I think there worth the extra $40.

They’re $40 bucks??? What watt bulb did you buy? the 55-watt or 100-watt?? . Anyone know if they’re reliable…? I mean, do they blow out alot? And if they are really bright, can the stock fog housing handle the extra heat (if any)??

No I got them for $65 and there the 55 watt bulbs that act like 110 watts. The guy at the place said they wouldn’t hurt my housing at all and he also said that some guy had his for 2 1/2 years with no probs. A lot better than those cheap ones for like 25 that last all of like 4 months.

i’ve had them before… they melted my stock fogs in like 2 months. so i got rid of em… and they were 55w that were like 85w… i wouldnt get them if i were you… or just dont have them on at all times… just use em when its foggy… they’re bright as hek doh… but i regreted getin those…