pic request..

anyone got pics of 17in racing hart c2 evos on there g2…??debating if i should trade this one guy for my gsr blades…

i hate 17’s on our cars, too big imo…keep the blades

not only for looks, but you compramise a smoothe ride. 16 is the largers you should go, or atleast the biggest id go

i 2nd that

I have a 91 LS with Sprint springs which lowers the car 2.5F/2.25/R. I’m also runnning 17" TSW VX1s with 225/40/17s. This is how I bought the car. First off the car IMO is too low or maybe the tires are too big. Second I don’t like the VX1s much on the 2G Teg. Looked awesome on my 97 Prelude but the rim looks too ‘heavy’ for the car. Kinda ‘fat’. I think I may go with a nice timeless 5 spoke rim like Mille Miglia Evo5, or a six spoke with either H&R Sportline 1.8F/1.8R or Eibach Sportline 1.8F/1.5R. With 215/40/17 tires. I like a one to a two finger gap between the wheel well and tire. I had a 95 Civic Si(EX in the US) with a 2.5F/2.25R and it looked sweet. That said, I was running 205/40/17s. Questions are these. Why do some companies go with 1.8F/1.5R(Eibach) and others use a 1.8F/1.8R?(H&R) and can I add any old aftermarket shock or should I go with a spring shock combo like Eibach offers. I know some of you will say go with a coil over but I’m not interested in adjustability.

Here is my 91 LS with 17" VX1s, 225/40/17 rubber and a 2.5F/2.25R drop. 95 Civic Si with 17" ADR rims,205/40/17, and a 2.5F/2.25R drop.

91 Integra.jpg

95 civic Si.jpg