please help brake/axle problem!!

i have been driving my car for a while and the yesterday i was just driving and started to notice a small woble in the steering and then as i kept going it got progressivly worse. so i stopped and looked at the wheels and shit and the drivers side rim was really hot and the wobble comes back from time to time now (problem started about a week ago). please help

Could be a rotor needs to be turned or a caliper sticking, but more likely sounds like a wheel bearing. Jack up the wheel, and grab it at 9 and 3 o’clock and push and pull on the wheel to see if there is play inside the hub. Then try again at 12 and 6 o’clock.

When bearings go, there is usually enough play to detect it at the wheel. Wheel bearings can cause the wheel to heat up also. Also spin the wheel by hand and see if your brakes grab then let go, then grab, then let go…rotor would need to be turned or replaced if so.

Remember, some heat is transfered from the brakes to the wheels normally, so check both rims on the front and compare how hot they are to each other, if one is way hotter than the other, then something isn’t right.


If your wheel is that hot,it`s a stuck caliper. No doubt.

Generally, yea I would agree with the stuck/dragging caliper. It is still possible to be a bad bearing, but if it was really that bad you should be able to hear a very pronounced buzz/hum coming from that side as you drive.

If it is a caliper then you will at least need to replace the caliper and turn the rotor. If I were you, I would replace the rotor rather than turning it.